Corporate Social Responsibility

Cosmos Business Systems is operating successfully in Information Technology and Telecommunications being responsible and conscientious towards the society. Company’s priority is the human being and its environment.


Under the above mentioned thinking, the company creates different actions that aiming the improvement or the protection of the society. Being sensitive towards the recent needs it tries to help in every possible way, whenever is necessary


The main CSR topics that are under the company’s umbrella of interest are:


Education- CBS’s main concern is the continuous education and improvement of its employees through seminars, trainings, participation in conferences as well as the encouragement for Self Education. We invest upon our employees by offering them all the opportunities for developing their skills.


Safety- The safety of the employees inside and outside of the company is the prime care of the company. Company’s tactics include prevention measures, guidelines and detailed information above safety and security subjects.


Culture- CBS promotes culture by sponsoring small or big artistic companies who create cultural performances or enhance the Greek heritage.


Society- Helping people who are in unfavorable position either by economic contribution or by offering services is supposed to be undeniable part of company’s offer to the society.


Environment- The protection of the environment and the preservation of it for the future generations is one of our main concerns. Our company offers to the protection and the preservation of the environment by recycling and gathering harmful materials for the environment, following a safety process for their destruction and aiming the reduction of Carbon Footprint.