Cosmos Business Systems collaborates with all of the world's leading technology developers, such as IBM, HPE, HP Inc., Dell, Lenovo, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, and Microsoft ERP, BI and CRM , as well as Oracle, VMware, and Symantec. It also represents specialized firms such as Snow and Think Cell.


CBS offers and technically supports the products of HPE, HP Inc., DELL, IBM and Lenovo. The same services are available to Cisco and Avaya customers. This enables the company's clients to be served directly and efficiently, without the intermediation of third parties. The services offered by Cosmos Business Systems cover a wide range of customer needs and are implemented by a well-organized Technical Directorate, in which Certified Engineers, Technical and Personnel Support are involved. All our Services are provided to all Clients, regardless of whether the purchase of the systems has been made by Cosmos Business Systems in Greece or abroad.