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To optimize the installation and operation of each network (LAN, WAN, INTERNET) regarding the transmission of voice, data or video (picture), Cosmos undertakes financial and technical studies required  to achieve the best possible solution available for each installation.

IT Security Consulting / Auditing Services

1. Site Audit

We record and analyze the customer's infrastructure, both in equipment and in the services it provides.

2. IT Audit - Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

We perform Vulnerability Assessment of customer’s IT infrastructure, combined with the appropriate IT Audit and Risk Assessment related to Business Processes and Assets. The goal is to deliver to high management a detailed

presentation of all risks in the organization’s infrastructure in order to evaluate and prioritize them in time and within budget. Technical Proposals will also be presented based on ISO27001 Technical controls for protecting all IT assets.

 3. Optimization

We draw up the economical and engineering study required to achieve maximum return on investment by optimizing its installation and operations.

4.  Application Solutions for IT Security Services & Audit

The deliverables of an IT Security Audit and Vulnerability assessment can also include (as an option) POCs from a variety of vendors in order to implement Security solutions to cover specific IT Security needs in the enterprise, like the following:

i) Active Directory Auditing & Reporting (IT Security auditing)

ii) Exchange Server Auditing & Reporting (IT Security auditing)

iii) Active Directory Password management (Password Management/Vault)

iv) Fileserver Auditing & Data Discovery (IT Security auditing)

v) Mobile device Management (MDM/MAM Solutions)

vi) SIEM & Network Threat Correlation (Alerting)

vii) Access Control – Privileged Access Management (PAM Solutions)

5. DOP Services

Analysis of the current situation regarding the protection of personal data from the existing GDPR study

Advisory informative role for group or department managers who process personal data.

Provide instructions and advice on continuous compliance with the regulation (IT and Document Control)

Participation in working groups dealing with PDP processing

Specify the necessary actions for each new process or application, update the PDB and prepare an impact assessment study

Communication and co-operation with the Supervisory Authority (AIFF) on behalf of the organization.